Brandi Brandt was born in the USA on the 2nd of November 1968. She was born to a music-related family. Her father was a drummer in an American band, girls of America and her mother was a singer too. Brandi Brandt has a very problematic childhood. She has been arrested for cocaine supply as well. Her image got spoiled when people came to know that she has been involved in cocaine trafficking. She was a drug-addicted from a very early age. 

Let’s talk about Brandi Brandt’s personal life, career, and childhood. 

Brandi Brandt Early Age

There were a lot of ups and downs in Brandi Brandt’s life. She never talked about her early schooling though. It is very important to mention that she was very young when she first fell in love with her very close friend. John Levitz and Brandi Brandt started loving each other just at the age of 12. Some people say that they were just close friends. Friends with benefits you know. 

Brandi Brandt had a very problematic childhood. As she grew up in a house that has lots of alcohol and drug dealing in the neighborhood. The environment has a strong impact on Brandi Brandt’s life as well. She started using drugs, cocaine, and cannabis at a very young age. 

Brandi Brandt Love life

 Brandi Brandt had been in several relationships. But she got married to Frank Carlton at a very young age. She was just 22 years when shot married for the first time. Brandi Brandt and frank were considered as one of the hottest and successful couples of the entertainment industry. but sadly after 7 years of a happy married life, they both filed and divorced. Finally, Brandi Brandt got her divorce in 1996. That was a crucial time for her. 

During her marriage, she gave birth to 3 kids. She first got pregnant in 1990 and gave birth to a baby boy in 1991. After a while, she got pregnant again and gave birth to a daughter in 1994. After one year she again gave birth to a baby boy. 

Brandi Brandt Career

Brandi Brandt was very young when she started modelings a career. She was just 18 when she stepped into the modeling world. Her first big achievement was the cover page of Playboy magazine in 1987. It was not her last appearance. As got appeared again on the cover page in 1989 as well. In 1990 Brandi Brandt again did a photoshoot for the cover page of the same magazine, and she got a lot of popularity at that time because she was along with the current prime minister of USA i.e. Donald Trump. 


Brandi Brandt remained in limelight because of her controversies. First of all, she had been in a relationship with fellow industry colleagues including Jon Levitz, Taime Down and Rutsey Sestar. The worst period of her life was when she got into a relationship with a motorcycle stunt man and both of them got involved in drug trafficking. 

In short Brandi Brandt has a very problematic life. 

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