Social media has become very popular nowadays as it freaks out all the information happening in the world. And this is the reason people are updated with the latest news. Through the trending news of Tylerlam resigning from Barstool Sports, people started an investigation about it. And obviously, if the news has spread like a fire that means he is one of the famous person among us. 

Who Is Tylerlam?

Trill Withers Aka Tylerlam is a popular main host of Mickstape podcast with the co-host Coley Mick. In their show, they mostly talk about basketball and some other trending and interesting topics related to basketball. They both got a lot of fans on their podcast and everyone loves to know about their story. Suddenly, on 16 July 2020 Tylerlam posted on Twitter,

“I’ve decided to resign from my position at Barstool Sports”.

This news was not only shocking for his fans but his co-host Coley was also shocked about the news.

Why Did Tylerlam Resign From His Position At Barstool Sports?

He himself does not reveal the truth about his resignation, but his fans have updated the Instagram account with their own opinions and thoughts on why he left his employment. After leaving the show, you might be interested in knowing what happened to the Barstool Sports, people like Dan Katz and even the founder of Barstool Sports are facing a severe backlash. So that means, it wasn’t the appropriate time to quit the show. But as per the news, it was his own decision to leave the show. 

How Much Was His Net Worth and Salary

As per the complete details, his net worth and salary have reviewed and it is handsome for his use. The estimated net worth as of 2020 is yet to be reviewed. But being a host of the popular Mickstape podcast he might have had considerable earnings.

Does He Have A Wife Or Girlfriend

As fans are always in search of information about their favorite personality and they have found that Tylerlam has been in a relationship. But still, it is not confirmed whether he is in a relationship or not. The only problem is that he hasn’t added his personal life on social media. That’s why his dating life is still under the radar. 

Family Member Of Tylerlam And His Physical Appearance

Tylerlam seems to have an average height and an amazing personality. He was born to his parents in Kentucky and that’s where he grew up. The facts about his family and friends have not been revealed yet. 

Final Words

Talking about a famous personality is something really interesting. And this is the reason young generations are really interested in such stories. So, you might love the story about Tylerlam who is known to be the popular host of the Mickstape Podcast. Read the information and search on social media for more exciting updates. For further details and guide, stay with us and get thrilling updates from our guides.

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