Billy McKeague was brought into the world in 1989 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. He was a hockey player and a golf teacher, better known for his relationship with one of the world’s most prominent current tennis players, Victoria Azarenka. She is from Belarus and figured out how to become the number one singles major part in 2012. She is celebrated for two ‘Thousand Slam’ titles in singles just as for winning the bronze award at the 2012 Olympics Games in London.

Early Life And Education

Billy was given birth by Lynn and Chase McKeage. Their family owns an investor group company named the ‘Pursue and Company’, in which Billy’s mom is the marketing chief and his dad is the operations manager. Billy has got two siblings, Charlie and Lisa.

Billy completed his matriculation from high school in St. Louis in 2007 and proceeded to go to Chaminade College Preparatory School. Despite the fact that he was viewed as a competitor from the beginning, this was where he began playing hockey. Following graduation, he understood that he was acceptable and inspired by public appearances and art, so he chose to go to the University of Missouri where his major was Speech and Dramatic Art.


As he found his ability to play hockey in high school, McKeage worked very hard to keep up and maintain it however much he could. His work, at last, took care of whenever he got a chance to play Elite Hockey while going to the University of Missouri. In spite of the fact that there was solid competition, he figured out how to get perhaps the best part in the league, and hence played for three seasons, from 2008 to 2012. Although, in the last season, he appeared distinctly in one of the games and left hockey from that point forward, for an obscure explanation. Nonetheless, in the wake to stop playing hockey, he went through a while rehearsing golf and turned out to be excellent at it, and thus got a proposal to move to Kauai, the North Shore of Hawaii to turn into an instructor, also called ‘Golf Pro’, at their resort.

Relationship and Split from Victoria Azarenka

Billy met his future girlfriend Victoria Azarenka in Kauai when she came there to meet with her well-known friends, one of the best volleyball players on the planet Gabrielle Reece, and her better half Laird Hamilton. Despite the fact that Azarenka was seeing someone at the time, she clearly experienced passionate feelings for Billy, cut off her friendship, and began dating him. On the fifteenth of July 2016, McKeage uncovered to the public that his sweetheart was pregnant and was conceiving a child, brought into the world on the nineteenth December 2016 and named Leo.

As Azarenka needed to take a step down from her career for a long while being pregnant, she needed to begin preparing again quickly. In this way, Billy figured out how to be with their child at whatever point she expected to travel, work and go to competitions. She was glad for him

and frequently adulated him for being an extraordinary dad just as for furnishing her with help and comprehension. Nonetheless, their incredible love reached a conclusion when Victoria told the public that her sweetheart was ineffectively raised on the grounds that he ended up being extremely disrespectful of ladies just as they had some beyond irreconcilable differences. By August 2017 they had separated.

Net Worth

It is assessed that Billy figured out how to gather more than $400,000 during the long stretches of playing hockey and as a golf star. It is known by sources that his ex tallies her net worth at $15 million, as of mid-2019.

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