As a business owner, you might be wondering whether or not to hire a marketing executive or outsource that role. In either case, a marketing expert with 21st-century know-how is your business’s key to success.

There are more ways to market a business today than ever before; not only are there radio, TV, and newspaper ads, but also online ads, SEO marketing, and even ads on apps. It’s hard to know where to begin, or what will bring new customers to your business.

They’ll be able to assess and evaluate your business’s target audience and choose the right platform for your advertisements.

In-House Marketing Executive vs a Fractional CMO

An in-house marketing executive is on your company’s payroll with full benefits. On the other hand, a fractional chief marketing officer works remotely on a part-time basis.

For small and medium-sized companies, a fractional CMO is often a wise choice. They can be hired on a month-to-month basis, with no commitment. If they don’t work out, you can end the contract, and move on, without paying unemployment. To learn more about fractional CMOs, click here for an in-depth article.

Both types of marketing executives have their advantages. However, for smaller companies on a tight budget, a fractional CMO makes sense. The cost can be negotiated and tailored to the company, and no costly employees benefits will be involved. Work schedules can also be negotiated, but are generally based on tasks and results, not the clock.

What Can You Expect from a Marketing Director?

Above all else, a marketing director must get results in the form of increased business traffic. They achieve this by writing and posting online articles and managing your company’s social media accounts. They’ll also analyze your company’s website for SEO (search engine optimization) as well as delve into your competitor’s analytical data.

However, a marketing director must understand your audience, and what your customers want. Without that knowledge, and marketing efforts will fail. But, a smart, intuitive marketing executive can quickly grasp the needs of any type of audience and deliver appealing content.

Marketing Analytics a Speciality

If you are like most people, your mind goes blank when confronted by analytical data. However, a good marketing director lights up at these numbers.

Understanding how to use analytical data allows a marketing director to pinpoint the audience and focus their marketing techniques. This aspect of marketing is very technical, and beyond the scope of the average business owner. However, modern marketing has become increasingly data-driven, increasing the need for a marketing professional. To launch a successful marketing campaign, you’ll need to really understand the data to come up with an effective marketing strategy.

Understanding Local Markets

While online marketing often targets a national or global audience, that doesn’t always benefit local businesses. Location-based advertising is the way to go for places like local restaurants, auto repair shops, and other location-specific businesses. (If your business is based in Chicago, click here for a detailed review of local marketing agencies).

Geo-specific advertising entails using smartphone geolocation data as well as IP addresses to target ads to locals. These ads can even be targeted down to people a block away from your business, making it just a short walk to your door. Mobile location-based ads are very effective since they are personalized, very targeted, and immediate.

Your marketing director should also understand hyper-local data to craft content that is meaningful to the local audience. For example, if the crime is rampant in a certain location, social media ads for a local home security company can reach the locals in need of that service. This information can also be used to write website content, aimed at driving traffic to the company’s website.

Understanding the Global Market

Some web-based companies can easily serve a global market; for example, there are many highly qualified IT techs and code writers based in India. However, while they are very good at creating apps, plugins, and websites, their international marketing skills for their services might be lacking.

A savvy marketing director can craft a message that appeals to audiences in different countries, even if it means outsourcing a translator. They can also advise online businesses concerning a website design that has wide appeal.

If you would like to market your online business in another country, hiring a local, fractional CMO to craft your message is a smart move. While in many ways, we exist in a global community, local differences often matter.

Those are just five things that you can expect from a marketing executive in 2021. However, you can expect a lot more, including record-breaking profits.

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