Bought a new MacBook? You must be looking to install several apps varying from interface to entertainment. Apple offers plenty of apps that are meant to simplify your daily computing tasks. 

The article includes information about all app categories that you can install to unveil multiple features and functions that enable you to excel. 

Desktop Customization Apps

Software that is used to enhance the desktop appearance by changing the look and feel entirely falls under customization apps. By adding custom skins and themes to the desktop, these programs change the way the Mac looks. 

You can even change the buttons, menus, icons, and other macOS elements using the interface apps. Using these apps is simple as most of them come with self-defined steps that do not demand any kind of learning before launching the app.  

File Management Apps

By now, you must have become acquainted with the native Finder app that allows you to browse through the Mac storage. Using it for minimal tasks is perfectly fine, but what about when you want to do advanced file management tasks. 

Syncing files across the operating system or batch renaming files stored inside the computer won’t be possible. The professional file manager app comes with a dual-pane interface and allows you to manage your files efficiently via keyboard shortcuts. 

RAM Optimization Apps

macOS is intelligent enough in managing the RAM available in the computer to keep the processes running efficiently. When you need to launch resource-demanding tasks, you need better RAM management to handle everything smoothly. 

Professional RAM management apps monitor memory consumption and reduce it by stopping unnecessary programs. In many ways, these apps often prevent memory leaks and computer crashes that ensure the efficient working of Mac in the long run. 

Productivity Booster Apps

Amongst the dozen of tips to improve productivity while working on a computer, one is to use professional apps that make your work easy. The productivity apps, as the name indicates, allow you to focus on your task so that you can achieve the best outcome. 

When you need to meet tight deadlines, installing these apps will help you seamlessly perform all your tasks. So, utilize these apps to stop any disruptions and weave effortlessly into your busy workflow to retrieve desired results. 

Scheduling Apps

You are ready for a special occasion, and while driving your car, you just realized that you had a meeting with a client. What you are going to do next as you can’t miss the occasion or the meeting, both are important. 

That’s when scheduling software comes in handy to prevent you from falling into such distressing situations. These apps keep track of your schedule, special parties, and meetings and send alerts well in advance so that you get enough time to get ready for the event. 

Password Manager Apps

Security is everyone’s priority. Whether you are accessing a file stored offline on a computer or browsing your online accounts, password protection is mandatory. With so many online accounts, it becomes difficult to memorize passwords.

Password management apps record the log-in credentials for each account and prevent you from the hassle of recovering forgotten ones. The latest apps in this category use encryption and advanced security algorithms to prevent unauthorized access to passwords. 

To-Do List Management Apps

When you are working from home, managing each task, small or big, becomes essential. You need to manage your daily, weekly, and monthly routine based on the projects you need to handle in the given time. That’s when to-do list managers come to the scenario.

Most advanced to-do list management apps come with highly-intuitive features that keep you on the top of your schedule. No matter if you are working on a small or a complex project, they help you keep the pace so that you can finish your tasks right before time. 

Entertainment Apps

Your MacBook is incomplete without an entertainment app installation, as a perfect work-life balance is important. Entertainment apps prevent you from the boredom of everyday life as they allow you to listen to music or podcasts and refresh your mind in all possible ways.

From playing songs to watching videos to enjoying the gameplay, entertainment comes in many different ways and forms. Make sure to download the best entertainment app on your MacBook so that you can plan an adventurous weekend. 

Note-Taking Apps

Stay up to date with your schedule by noting down everything on your digital notepad. Today’s note-taking apps are highly advanced and notify you via alerts and notifications so that you won’t miss out on anything important. 

So, next time when an idea strikes your mind, or you read something interesting, note it down immediately by opening the notes-recording app on your MacBook. Some of these apps come with sync capabilities that allow you to read notes on other Apple devices.

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